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  • Identify electrical service that may not be able to support a modern household
  • Identify components such as outdated plumbing and older wiring
  • Age your mechanical items (furnace, water heater and A/C unit) and inform you of where they are in their typical life expectancy
  • Identify areas for possible energy savings
  • Identify areas for overall improvements
  • Include a variety of home maintenance tips
  • Gas leak detection at gas fired appliances, ie: furnace, water heater, gas dryer and gas range
  • Infrared camera confirmation on potential moisture areas and at main electrical panel for possible overheating prior to a potential circuit failure
  • Evaluation and remediation recommendation of visible mold-like substances - ONLY A CERTIFIED LAB CAN DETERMINE IF A MOLD-LIKE SUBSTANCE IS IN FACT MOLD. ​​

Buyer/Seller Inspections

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  • Basement/ Crawlspace
  • Floor/ Walls and Ceiling Structure
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Interior Rooms
  • Plumbing and Water Heater 
  • Electrical Components 
  • Heating and Cooling system
  • Attic and Ventilation​


  • Driveway, Entry, Porch and Patio
  • Roof Condition and Material, Valleys, Flashings and Ventilation
  • Chimney and Skylights
  • Landscaping Clearances and affects to Foundation
  • Decks and Balconies
  • Siding, Trim, Gutters and Downspouts,
  • Windows and Screens
  • Garage and Slab 
  • Electrical
  • Hose Bibs
  • A/C Unit 

Scope Inspections performs Radon testing using the EPA's guidelines for Real Estate Transactions. 

We use the most up to date equipment that is virtually tamper proof - Sun Nuclear 1028 Computerized Radon Monitors that collect data for 48 continuous hours. Test results are available on inspection day. ​We provide homeowner instructions during the test to ensure accurate test results.

Scope Inspections is Radon Measurement Certified through the Radon Testing Center of America, RTCA and The American Lung Association, ALA.  



Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gaseous element formed by the breakdown of Radium (bedrock and soil beneath the house). It occurs naturally, especially in areas over granite, and is considered hazardous to health.  Radon gas from natural sources can accumulate in homes, especially in confined areas such as basements or crawlspaces where there is limited ventilation. 

High Radon levels have been linked to lung cancer and over 20,000 deaths annually. Radon can be reduced through proper mitigation. 

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​​​​​Radon Testing

Nationally and State licensed, Scope Inspections adheres to (and exceeds) The State of Wisconsin's Standards of Practice for Home Inspections.

We evaluate the structure, systems and components of a property and provide a thorough and timely report of our findings.


Additional services included in a Scope Inspection